When we built a new breeding facility that is surrounded by five hectares (about 12.5 acres) of pasture land in 2002, we went to great effort to create the best possible conditions for keeping and raising horses. We have eight very spacious, light and airy boxes, two generously dimensioned loose stables for our youngsters and three large paddocks to ensure that our horses can be outside and get some exercise in any weather.

Our goal is to breed horses that are easy to ride, easy to handle,have good characters and bold, rhythmical movements with strong impulsion from the hindquarters. Emphasis is placed on three good gaits and we truly believe that show jumpers should also have elastic movements.

We are not just into breeding; we also focus on schooling our own offspring and promoting them in sport. We offer healthy foals with strong nerves that are able to perform. They have grown up under robust conditions in a herd and in loose boxes with as little restriction to their movement as possible. This ensures that our offspring have healthy physical constitutions. Schooling and presentation at shows is planned individually for each horse, depending on age, development and stage of schooling.